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Independence Day Flags

Posted on Jul 6 2017 - 6:01pm

The day of Independence has arrived, and with it the spirit of Independence is strong. This feeling has been enhanced by the installation of flags throughout our neighborhoods. For this reason, thanks are in order for the efforts of last weeks committed volunteers, who braved the rain, thunder and lightening. At one point, when the lightening started, the scouts were called in, and they received a brief respite from the lightening thanks to Pattie Otte and Sweet Firefly. Here, ice cream provided comfort from the storm for scouts and adults alike. Some adults, Randy Bullard, Jim Danen, Paul Howard, Bill Sproull, and Tim Fooshee chose to forgo the ice cream and continue to work through the rain.

As such, the troop raised valuable funds for scouting activities last week for installing the flags. However, the fundraiser is just half done. This is because the troop also receives a dollar for each flag retrieved and stored. At last report, Troop 1001 is the current leader, above and beyond all other troops and organizations in the number of flags distributed and retrieved.

For retrieval, volunteers will meet at TBC, Saturday July 8, at 09:00 AM to bring the flags home. There will be donuts provided in the morning, and bottled water during the activity. We are usually completed within three hours and will meet to wrap up the event with ice cream.

The 2017-2018 patrols are responsible for filling the assigned volunteer spots. Please note, Scouts should wear their Class A uniforms or class B uniforms if they do not have a Class A uniform. Scouts sign up under their patrol leaderIf they do not know who their new patrol leader is, please have them contact the senior patrol for guidance. Adults can sign up to drive for their scouts patrol or under Freebird (adult) patrol. Also, scouts can use the time for community and school volunteer hours.

If you cannot sign up on line, please contact me,  Mark Young at 972-358-9005.  Please see the following SignUpGenius link to sign up for Independence Day Flags retrieval:

Independence Day Flags In/Retrieval, 07/08:



John Mark Young



Coming soon, Patriot Day.

Important Summer Camp Information

Posted on Jun 22 2017 - 7:05pm

It is almost time to go to Summer Camp at Hale Scout Reservation.  Here is some useful information and several important reminders:

Form up starts at 8:00 am at Canyon Creek Elementary on Sunday June 25. The bus departs at 9:00 am. Scouts will need to bring a substantial brown bag lunch for this trip.

Need Any Troop T-Shirts for Summer Camp? ACT FAST

Posted on Jun 22 2017 - 7:04pm

Your last chance to order Troop 1001 t-shirts or other listed items for summer camp is this Friday by 5:00 pm.  

  1. Get the Swag order form off the Troop website (2nd page of forms) - LINK HERE
  2. Fill in your order, total due, and contact info, then email a photo of your order to Lisa Bascom at contactlisab@hotmail.com.
  3. Bring your printed form and payment (Troop 1001 check or exact cash) to summer camp form up on Sunday morning.
  4. Come to the medical check-in table to pick up your order and turn in your payment, early enough to add any t-shirts to luggage before it gets loaded on the bus.

Summer Camp Patrol Assignments

Posted on Jun 22 2017 - 7:04pm

Summer camp patrol assignments and patrol leadership assignments have been made.  If you have any questions,
please contact Nick Equivel at skeyvel@gmail.com

PLC Retreat is this weekend!!! June 9-10, 2017

Posted on Jun 8 2017 - 12:11am
PLC Retreat is right around the corner! Important information is below. Adults, if you can drive Scouts to/from this event, please contact Mr. Otte or Ms. Stephenson with the number of seat belts available in your vehicle. Scouts, please complete the permission slip attached below and bring it along with your campout fees to TBC on Friday night.
What: PLC Retreat. This is the Troop's annual planning conference for the upcoming 2017-18 program year. PLC will set goals, plan the calendar, assign patrols, and have some team building fun!
Who: Patrol Leaders Council
  • Scouts - Senior Patrol Leader, Asst. Senior Patrol Leaders, Troop Guides, Patrol Leaders
  • Adults - Scoutmaster, Committee Chair, Outdoor Program, Executive Officer
When: Friday, June 9th 5:30 PM - Saturday, June 10th 6:00 PM

Troop Leadership Election Results

Posted on Jun 3 2017 - 10:59am

Please congratulate our new Troop leaders for the 2017-2018 Scouting year!

Patrol Leaders

  • Alex H.
  • Danny O.
  • George S.
  • Jackson R.
  • Joshua B.
  • Luke W.
  • Stephen P.
  • Wayland B.

Senior Patrol Leader

  • Ryan S.

Senior Team

  • Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders
    • Dylan L.
    • Sam H.
  • Junior Assistant Scoutmasters, Troop Guides and Instructors have yet to be announced.